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A'lotl Axolotl

A game of semi-aquatic mischief for two or more players.

How to Play

1. Games last for three rounds.

2. Each round, every player gets three throws to earn as many points as possible.

3. 5 points are awarded for each pair of Axolotls that land in the same orientation. Example: two Axolotl (of any color) standing up, two Axolotl (of any color) on their sides, two Axolotl (of any color) on their backs, etc.

4. Points are doubled if the pair of Axolotls in the same orientation share a color.

Example: two blue Axolotl on their backs, two pink Axolotl standing up.

5. On any throw if any Axolotl are touching, the throw is invalid. Throw again.

6. At the end of three rounds, tally score. Highest wins.

Optional Rules:

Streak bonus: get the same score for all three rolls in a round, add 25 points.

Orientation bonus: if all axolotls land in the same orientation, add 50 points.

Download Rules & Score Sheet

Permission is hereby granted for reproduction of the rules & score sheet for personal use only. All other reproduction is prohibited.