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Frost-Inspired Resin Crystal Glass Dome – Magical Accessory for display, roleplaying, cosplaying, gaming, props

Introducing our captivating glass dome adorned with a frost-kissed resin crystal—a manifestation of the serene allure within elemental forces. Gracefully standing at approximately four inches in height, this exquisite creation effortlessly introduces the essence of frost magic into your living space.

Encased within the delicate curvature of the glass dome, the frost-inspired resin crystal projects a tranquil interplay of cool hues and delicate patterns, embodying the very essence of serene winter landscapes. Immerse yourself in the dance of crystalline frost, as if touched by the heart of elemental ice itself.

Derived from the tranquil beauty of nature, position this enchanting dome on any surface to enshroud your surroundings in the captivating aura of frost’s timeless intrigue. Meticulous craftsmanship captures the delicate elegance of frost’s embrace, intermingling it with the undeniable appeal of cottagecore aesthetics.

Whether it graces your tabletop or finds its place among your curated treasures, our glass dome featuring a frost-inspired resin crystal evokes sensations of awe and introspection. Step into a realm where the serene magic of frost converges with the tranquility of the countryside, welcoming the cool embrace and contemplative grace it imparts upon your space.

Elevate your ambiance with this remarkable masterpiece, as it encapsulates the serene spirit of frost and the entrancing mystique of an everlasting wintery connection.


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"The products they produce are of excellent quality! The shipping is fast and the customer service was great! I’m sure I will buy from this store agsin!"


"saw archive arcanus at york pride. I love my wand and the treasure scoop was adorable and fun. great people, highly recommend!"