Archive Arcanus

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Mini Potion Bottles

Introducing our mini potion bottles, filled with magic and wonder.

Simply give these bottles a shake, and watch as they change color before your very eyes. Each bottle contains a special potion that shifts and swirls, adding a touch of mystery and magic to your collection.

Colors are chosen at random among the provided variations, so you never know what you’ll get. If you would like to custom order specific colors for your potions, please send us a message prior to ordering.

Please note: These potion bottles are for display only. Please do not open the bottles or consume the contents. Instead, let their magic fill your life with wonder and excitement. So why wait? Add some magic to your collection today with our mini potion bottles!


Customer Reviews


"The products they produce are of excellent quality! The shipping is fast and the customer service was great! I’m sure I will buy from this store agsin!"


"saw archive arcanus at york pride. I love my wand and the treasure scoop was adorable and fun. great people, highly recommend!"