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Necromancer’s Ritual Kit – Potion Bottles Cosplay Roleplay DND Accessories and Trinkets

Necromancer’s Reagent Kit – a set of six mysterious vials filled with potent magical ingredients. These ingredients have been carefully preserved in the Archive Arcanus, an ancient repository of arcane knowledge, and are said to hold the power to unleash all sorts of nefarious magic.

The kit includes one vial each of Strands of Hangman’s Noose, Funeral Pyre Embers, Ritual Circle Salt, Graveyard Earth, Crypt Moss, and Blood of an Innocent. Each ingredient has been carefully collected and prepared for use in dark rituals and other forbidden magic.

Please note: the Blood of an Innocent is a simulacrum, created to replicate the properties of genuine blood without harming any innocents.

Add this eerie and intriguing kit to your collection today and tap into the power of the Archive Arcanus!

NOTE: The potion bottles are for display only and should not be opened or consumed. These potions are purely for decorative purposes and are not intended for actual use.


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"The products they produce are of excellent quality! The shipping is fast and the customer service was great! I’m sure I will buy from this store agsin!"


"saw archive arcanus at york pride. I love my wand and the treasure scoop was adorable and fun. great people, highly recommend!"