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Tempest – Unique Handmade Magic Wand for Props, Roleplay, Cosplay, or Gaming (Wizard, Witch, Mage, Sorcerer, Druid, Necromancer)

Tempest – Runes: aqua, delictum, vita (Water, Offense, Life)

Introducing Tempest, the magic wand for those who command the power of water.

This wand features the runes of water, offense, and life, allowing you to tap into the full potential of your aquamantic abilities.

With Tempest in hand, you’ll be able to conjure up powerful water spells and use them to strike at your foes with precision and force. The rune of offense gives Tempest an extra edge in combat, while the rune of life allows you to harness the healing properties of water to restore health and vitality to yourself and others. Whether you’re a seasoned arcanist or just starting out on your magical journey, Tempest is the perfect companion for all your aquamantic pursuits.

All of our wands are unique, carved and finished by hand. No two are exactly the same. Once finished, they are flame-kissed and passed through sandalwood smoke, so they are received without any magical encumbrance and ready to bind to you.

NOTE: Listing is for the wand only, additional props and items in the photo are not for sale and not part of this listing.


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"The products they produce are of excellent quality! The shipping is fast and the customer service was great! I’m sure I will buy from this store agsin!"


"saw archive arcanus at york pride. I love my wand and the treasure scoop was adorable and fun. great people, highly recommend!"